Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wanderers Die in Fire-A Carbon Monoxide Warning

Unfortunately, we are often bombarded with Non News.

Check out this heart rending story of a fire in an abandoned building:
Fire Kills At Least 8 "Wanderers" in New Orleans

Young people huddled in one of many old buildings, as temperatures dipped below freezing. In their attempt to stay warm, they built a fire in a large metal trash can. You would think in these old buildings there would be sufficient draft to allow fresh air into the building. Not so. Enough carbon monoxide built up to render some young "wanderers" unconscious and thereby unable to flee the burning building. Small places like tents and snow caves would be more deadly with even tiny unvented combustion.

This article brings up even more disturbing trends. Not only is there an estimated 12,000 people homeless in New Orleans, but many of them are young. Even those with skills like carpentry are still unemployed, in a city so desperately needing rebuilding .

Those who died in the fire were called "wanderers". At first I thought it denoted adventure, idealism, and a creative lifestyle. After reading the article, I felt it reflected hopelessness; a roving band of the directionless.

The continuing recession brings up important issues. As people become more impoverished with fewer options, there will be further breakdown in family and society.

If the media doesn't present these issues, no one will know they exist or find solutions. The above article does an excellent job in exploring the roots of this disaster.

As survivalists, our surroundings are very important indications of pending threats. If I am unaware of the storm brewing, I am unlikely to seek shelter. If I am aware, I make plans and take action.

I'm also making a mental note, a survival memo: beware of carbon monoxide!

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