Monday, December 27, 2010

Five Days Left

2010 is coming to a close. Its cold and windy. We're snowed in up here in the mountains.
Wind chills are sub zero, an amazing thought for those finishing up a southbound hike on the Appalachian Trail.
With the new decade right around the corner, and only 5 days left of this one, are there any pending tasks to squeeze in?
There are tax tips, and to do lists for the car and home. Be sure to check that antifreeze level. A guy from Arkansas was visiting us one December up in Illinois, and he just forgot that things freeze up there. His whole radiator froze. Not good.
Of course there's the windshield washing fluids. I absolutely love the De-Ice stuff. Early mornings when you need to get going, a couple squirts of that can de-ice the windshield and you don't even need to scrape it.
When I first moved to Georgia, I had a snow shovel in the car. My friend asked me "what is that for?" If you've ever been plowed in while parked on the street, or in the parking lot at work, a snow shovel will greatly assist your efforts to get out. Been there, done that.
I've never used tire chains. Not even sure they make them for a Geo Metro. I'm still getting 45 mpg, so I'm hanging on to this little low maintenance gem, even with the incentives for those lusty Pick Up trucks end of this decade. Up north, to help a light vehicle get traction, we'd put extra weight in the trunk, like couple bags of salt. Use the salt if you get stuck in a ditch. Throw some under the tire, and for god's sake, don't spin out a rut into the frozen earth.
A light vehicle can get pushed out of the ditch quite easily by a couple strong guys. Put the thing in neutral, and steer it while a couple guys guide it out.
Always easy does it. On ice or snow, never make any quick moves.
I got one town day yet this year. One good business day to get all the things done before 2011 arrives.
My gratitude list for 2011 includes being alive, having friends and family, and surviving the last decade.

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