Monday, November 8, 2010

Olive Oil Works Wonders

I was researching Olive Oil Benefits and among other sites, ran across this one:
I haven't found a photo of Grandma yet, but read about some home remedies and also olive oil. One interesting remedy used on Grandpa was raisins soaked in gin for arthritis knee pain. Eat 9 raisins every day, and the swelling went down. Interesting, and worth a try.
I use olive oil for a skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, and cooking. Usually canola oil is in my pantry for saute and baking. Olive oil is great for making salad dressing with apple vinegar and spices. I carry a small bottle of olive oil for baking on the trail with the slow burner soda can stove. It adds welcome calories, flavor, and what chefs call good "mouth feel".
Other benifits of extra virgin olive oil are that it keeps my curly hair from getting frizzy in humid weather, adds body to cheap lotions, and makes a great all around skin moisturizer.
Today I read that it prevents tumors from growing in mice exposed to UV Rays.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn't the cheapest oil in the cooking aisle. But as a beauty secret, its very inexpensive. Compare the prices of hair and skin products and see how far a 32 ounce bottle of olive oil compares.
I love a product that can be used in many ways and is environment friendly.
Natures gift to us, no chemicals, no cancer causing additives, olive oil has been used around the globe.

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