Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Hobo Gear Page

has a new page added, The Hobo Series. On that page I have embedded five different videos I have made for my
My first project was an ultralight wood burning stove made from a tin can.I used simple tools: a hammer, a regular screw driver, and some heavy work gloves.
When I completed the stove, I found it only weighed 3.5 ounces. When I used it on the Foothills Trail, I did not need to bring fuel, a pot support, or windscreen. This was a good trade off in terms of weight.

Because it did rain a little, I had to select my fuel from branches that were off the ground. Once the fire is going, it is easy to maintain indefinitely. This is really handy for folks that love endless piping hot cups of coffee, and a simple campfire which takes little fuel.

You can keep this stove system in a plastic bag which is then placed into a ditty bag. I found it to be very useful.

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