Monday, November 29, 2010

Hunters Visit the Cabin

The cabin in its early stages. It now has many insulating layers of leaves.

The survival shelter I built, which I've named "the cabin" to distinguish it from other nearby landmarks, has been visited by a hunter.

I found a jar perched on the framework this morning. Inside the sealed jar was a note reading

"Hunting Bear in God's Country. BoBo 11/24/2010 10:30 a.m. Put note back in Jar"

Inside the cabin was a broken blue cigarette lighter. In the virgin fire ring a wad of unused toilet paper.

Now, I love the fact a hunter could use the shelter. However, no one gets to leave junk.
At the intersection was a piece of paper with similar information. That also goes in the garbage.
If you ever have to pick up someone's trash, an easy effective germ free way to do this is use a walmart plastic bag. Place it over your hand like a glove. Reach for the offending object, pulling it into the bag while keeping the bag on your hand. Once the item is all the way in the bag and your hand is now in the open, tie the bag shut.
I clean trash from the woods periodically because it makes for a much nicer wilderness experience.


  1. Did it ever once cross your mind that the notes (not the other garbage) might have been left for safety's sake? Granted there might not be enough information to find him if he was lost, but the date and time are something. Perhaps he was expecting someone to come along and see the note. Garbage doesn't come with instructions. Do well to remember you're not alone out there, so pick up your litter as you please, but if you see a recent note, please leave it alone.

    Besides, how would you like it if someone came along and tore down your shelter because they thought it looked like an eyesore, in the name of improving their wilderness experience.

  2. This is true, Pete. However, the note left was 5 days old. People never pick up their "notes" after they are no longer needed.
    He took his bear, I met him later and he told me.
    Anyone is welcome to tear down the shelter, I don't care. It was built as a learning experience. It will not last, regarless.
    Leave No Trace is still the objective, Not leaving a bunch of crap.