Sunday, October 3, 2010

Modern Risk Management

Knowledge is power.
No matter what;s happening, the brain is a valuable ally. By trusting our instincts, which is based on past experiences as well as stories we've heard, and researching issues we can make better decisions. We can improve our reaction time to threats.
One website I'm surfing is Live Science, found at
There's new information on technology and computer risks, health issues, animals and more.
The worse the economy gets the more we have to watch for scams, thefts and crimes of all kinds.
We have to be alert in health care matters as well. Watching the latest news reports and statistics for infections and preventable deaths at hospitals is alarming. A person has to check the correct name is on the prescription, make sure the nurses and doctors wash their hands before touching you, watch to see that brand new needles are used, and get brushed off with the diagnosis of "its a virus".
No one can protect us as well as we can ourselves. We must be in charge of our own survival. In my neighborhood, calling 911 is a last resort.

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