Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Liquid Nails Repair All

As I previously wrote in my gear review of these Vasque Trail Runners, I love these shoes. As the miles added up, the front of these excellent shoes began to come apart. The tread still has miles left, so I broke out the Liquid Nails: a product that is found in the hardware section in a caulking tube.

After letting it dry, and then cure for two days, I used black shoe polish to cover the glue.

Wrap the rest of the tube of L.Nails in several layers of plastic to keep it from drying out.
I found this product works wonders on all sorts of handyman projects including wood to wood sculptures and paneling, filling in small holes in dry wall, rock to rock sculptures, and metal to plastic as in car side mirrors. That's a long story, but several years and tens of thousands miles on my Geo have proven how well this holds.

Best of all, its easy and fool proof. Costs about $2.50 a tube. You also need a simple caulking gun. Those are very handy if you don't have one already, well worth the couple bucks.

I'm not too mechanical and this is a very easy solution for gear, home and other simple repairs.

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