Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gleaning Good Stuff

This stuff sack was sent to me as part of a gear testing opportunity. Inside was a Eureka 35 degree sleeping bag. A full 6 foot model, I demonstrate how to shorten a sleeping bag without cutting it and minimal sewing on my YouTube channel
The modification is temporary and easily reversed.

My review of this sleeping bag can be read at: To

Today, I am removing the compression straps from this stuff sack. I never use a compression stuff sack for a sleeping bag. By using a simple "seam ripper" or a small scissors, I will take out the stitching which connects the straps to the stuff sack.
By gleaning the straps off this stuff sack, I am reducing the weight and saving the straps for use with my external frame pack.

A sleeping bag must be treated with care. They should be stored after air drying throughly, and then hung by their bottom loop or zipper pull. If you do not have a place to hang them, store loosely in an oversize cotton bag or huge cabbage sack.

A sleeping bag should be removed from its stuff sack as soon as possible when arriving in camp. Fluff and air to restore loft. This is critical in sleeping warm.

I tend to sleep cold. I found this Eureka sleeping bag would keep me warm to 40 degrees.

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