Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eleven Ways to Make Fire

Making fire is so basic to survivalists that whole pages and websites are built around that very concept. I started a list of ways I've seen fires made with the most basic of materials and came up with eleven.
The page is on this blog, to the right. First and most important to all fire building is dry material. Fire requires fuel, oxygen, and ignition. When fuel is wet oxygen and ignition are nearly impossible.
I watched Cody on Dual Survival put the punky wet wood next to his body, but inside his coat to cause the wood to dry out via body heat. He made sure not to put it on his skin because it would drain heat away from his body.
I knew a thru hiker who never cooked or used a fire. He also ran 100 mile marathons. This is the exception. He'd just hike and eat on the move til he got tired. Then, he'd simply roll out his bed and sleep on the trail until he woke up, and go again.
All the stories and episodes watched on survival can never replace hands on approach. One by one, I'm trying every method, working on my techniques until perfected. Not only does it build actual fire building skills, but it increases my confidence. Confidence and the will to live are paramount in survival. Panic is the biggest enemy.

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