Thursday, August 19, 2010

Surviving the Road Trip

As I crested the mountain just east of Franklin, North Carolina, storm clouds abated enough to let me photo home.
Yes, the Appalachian Mountains are home. But in March, the hankering for a seasonal adventure got the best of me and I began thinking about Utah. What if I got a job at one the the national parks, explored on my days off, and visited all the family members scattered across the United States on the way there and back? I posed this question to my partner, and he promised to come visit.
Well, before I could sneeze twice, I landed a job at Zion National Park, cooking in the Lodge. I headed out early May, worked three months, and headed back to Georgia.
A lot of my daily musings both good and bad can be read in my another blog I do which is more philosophical and has been online a couple years now.
All told, I've put nearly 7,000 miles on my 1996 Geo Metro this summer. I did all the driving, navigating (using Mapquest and yahoo driving directions) and came up with strategies for survival. I started in Georgia, drove to Zion, in Utah. Next stop Boise, Idaho. Then Madison, Wisconsin. A couple days in Sycamore, Illinois. Then back to Georgia.
I am a frugal minimalist by nature so these strategies will perhaps amaze, shock, and verge on ridiculous. So?
Seriously, when all is said and done, I accomplished my goals and returned richer and wiser in many ways.
I wanted to explore the canyon lands of southern Utah, see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, cook in fine dining, visit family and satisfy the adventure lust.
I recommend Zion National Park, both as a play destination and work location.
To read about the Surviving the Road Trip, a Soloist's Journey, please check out the page linked to blog, on the right navigational box.
And, its good to be home and looking forward to my new survival projects. Stay tuned.

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