Monday, August 9, 2010

Careful Bushwacking

These cacti grow nearly everywhere in Zion National Park. A person bushwhacking back near the horse trails and game trails will eventually end up with stickers in their skin.

Nearly invisible, they really hurt and are hard to get out. I wear long pants of a nylon-cotton blend with pockets and the stickers still get through to some extent. By slowly passing the finger tip over the tip of the sticker you can locate it. If possible, pinch the pricker and pull it out, using a downward motion. If you are unable to grab hold of it, use your finger nail and scape it out using a downward motion.

Arms are vulnerable to picking up prickers as well. How this happens is a mystery to me, because a person doesn't touch these plants.
While scrambling nearby in the rocks you maybe touch the ground close enough for these "jumping" stickers and prickers to attach to your skin.

Washing in a nearby stream can help alleviate the temporary pain.

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