Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuff Sack Demo

I made this demo after pitching this tarp in 5 different configurations. The camcorder is being held under my chin, so its not that great.

The Brooks-Range tarp came in a pouch with Velcro closure. The Velcro on the closure, and Velcro on the tarp got hung up. Also, the pouch is minimal but not very functional in the field. So, having a Brawny gear ditty bag of the same size on hand, I substituted and created this short video.

Its possible to stuff a tarp or tent in 20 seconds or less using this method. This really comes in handy when you're breaking camp in the rain, the shelter being the last thing to pack.

It also comes in handy when you're with a group and falling behind departure time. If you've had to stealth camp you'll want to use this technique at first light.

The five different pitches are on video at my YouTube channel:

There's a few unique pitches for larger tarps on my channel too.

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