Sunday, July 25, 2010

Basic Day Hike Stuff

Pictured above are my basic day hike items. The closed cell pad in the forefront is cut to fit and offer structure for the black silnylon pack. I described this pack, which I made, in a previous post.

The closed cell pad offers many advantages to just sitting on the ground. It insulates when its cold or hot. It provides a clean dry spot, it can be used to lay lunch on, and it provides structure for a ruck sack.

I trimmed this pad from a full length pad that was given to me at Trail Days in Damascus in 2006. Gossamer Gear needed some work done on a sewing machine for a client. I had a sewing machine with me. Once I completed the work, they said" Pick out what you want ". I saw this ultralight full length pad, and chose it. Weighing about 6 ounces, a very good product. I trimmed it for two purposes. One for sleeping, and the one above for day hiking, or additional long distance use.

I bring sunscreen, a water bottle with electrical tape wound around it, and many times water purification so that I can treat water. My process is chlorine. One or two drops per liter is usually sufficient. When necessary, strain water through a bandanna to remove debris.

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