Saturday, July 3, 2010

About Me

If you're wondering just what gives me the audacity, the "right" to post all this stuff on survival, or my gear choices, or basic world view, here's a couple links to give a bigger picture.

Its always a little weird putting it out there, but I'm a firm believer in the written word. This great invention allows us to share information without having to recreate or learn by trial and error. And the internet lets the written word be brought world wide in a compact and accessible manner. Gotta love it.
is a blog I've had going for awhile. Its sort of point of view stuff, not necessarily practical hands on

Then there's the
videos I've been doing for several years. Its great fun. I'm no photographer, though I'm getting better. My video on Backpacking Hobo Stove has gotten the most views, then the ones about setting up a 10 x 10 flat tarp in various configurations. There's some travel videos, too.

My homepage is at
and there's a list of trails, journals, gear lists, ultralight page, all kinds of stuff. That's been online sense 2000.

That's a lot of information, for what its worth.

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