Friday, June 18, 2010

The Three Ounce Cookset

I made a lot of oatmeal while hiking my long distance trails. While on the Appalachian Trail, I came up with this cook set which only weighs three ounces. By heating water in the small pan, and pouring it over oatmeal in this instant powdered Lemonadaid container (which I recycled), I could make hot food when ever I wanted.

This also works well with instant mashed potatoes, coffee, instant grits, tea, instant soups, or just about anything you need boiling water from.

The containers can be found with an assortment of powdered drinks in them. Use the mix, then remove label, and cut to desired height.

The stove is a soda can stove made by Rainmaker, along with a windscreen made from two large beer cans, a lid made with aluminum foil and pot support made with a tin can, and cut to size.

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