Friday, June 25, 2010

One Day At A Time

I think surviving is not only a wilderness skill but a urban one as well. Especially in the work environment, taking one day at a time can make the difference between stress and calm. One of my favorite mantras is "this too shall pass". And, indeed it does. Within a week, I can't even remember what seemed so horrible.

Two people can encounter the very same challenges. How they look and approach them will determine the outcome. A co worker likes to raise his voice and by intimidation cause others to give in and do things his way. This method has only temporary success. When he's not there, people revert back to their own methods. But, if one takes the time to educate and lead with calmness, co workers become part of the process by choice, not force.

Whether we feel a measure of control or feel victimized, having no impact on the outcome, will determine our ability to handle the situation.

This is the same in a wilderness situation. By calmly assessing a situation, and not simply using blunt force, we can use our most important tool, our brain. Accessing all the knowledge we have stored away in the brain requires calmness.

Taking one day at a time is a skill.

Bible readers might remember the verse
" Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

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