Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little Black Bug and Stuff

This bug is really not very little. There are plenty of them in Zion, too. On just about any given day you can find one crossing a sandy trail. Not sure where he's headed off to, but he'd be easy to catch.

Not sure I'd want to eat one, though.
If you get close enough to a bug they have eyes, and distinct attitudes.
Today, for the first time, there were also small grasshoppers in Zion.
My luck, they will grow to be big ones.

Grasshoppers have to be one of my least favorite bugs. They seem to jump erratically, and excrete nasty brown juice. We once hauled 5 huge grasshoppers all day on the Colorado Trail by accident. They had stowed away inside our tent while we were packing up. Upon reaching the evening campsite, low and behold, they emerged from the tent. That is how species travel the world!

The largest ones, locusts, are definitely eaten around the world. John the Baptist reportedly ate them. They are considered a delicacy when roasted and covered in chocolate. I say just give me the chocolate.

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