Monday, June 21, 2010

The Hobo Stove

I'm a frugal survivalist. The money I don't spend is the money I don't have to earn. A dear friend told me this years ago. He has Thoreau's tendencies like me.
This wood burning stove was made with a tin can and was field tested on the Foothills Trail in N.Carolina in April 2009. This stove weighs just 3.5 ounces, and doesn't require a pot support or fuel bottle. Pretty lightweight. No moving parts to break.
I made some videos showing how to make this stove, and how it tested on trail. Both of these can be viewed on my channel at youtube.
A larger version of this stove is made with a gallon sized can, sometimes called a 10# can in institutions, or the special aisle at Wal-Mart's.
A drill can be used, but I took the primitive route of using a screw driver/punch and hammer. It costs nothing to make, and works.


  1. this is pretty cool. I've been watching your videos on youtube and I love the one with the wax and cotton balls. I'm making some cans up now using catfood cans and I just picked up some tuna for this purpose too. I'm hoping to use them in my #10 cans as a fuel source similar to sterno. I Really love the fact that it wont spill or evaporate if not sealed properly. acrosby74

  2. Thanks Angela, I bought coffee in a #10 pound can so I can use the can for a "fire place" construction.
    I love that you bought tuna to use the cans :D